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Our History

Formed in 2018, BRJP Radio is a completely ad free UK internet radio station. We both have history in music and radio and decided to form a new kind of station.

What we do

We broadcast a wide variety of music and comedy on a 24/7 schedule. All this with no ad breaks and interruptions, just solid music.

How we do it

We pre record new shows every week and also have live broadcasts on Sundays from mid day and 8PM. Shows are updated every week and schedules are updated every so often.


How it works

Tune in

Tune into our station by clicking the play button. We are currently playing a wide variety of music so there will be something for everyone to enjoy. 

Follow Us

You can follow us on twitter, Instagram and Facebook by searching for BRJP Radio. We have live show updates and news from the station. You can also get in touch with us through our social media channels. 


Monday - Sunday

24 hour broadcasting

Sound Mixer

Contact us if you would like more information on what we do here.